Communication Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the WNA communication survey.  There were a total of 116 unique responses to the survey.  Of those, 103 people lived or owned a business in Whittier.  The other 13 people represented nine different neighborhoods.  46 people entered their email addresses to receive updates from the WNA; these will be added to our mailing list soon.  84% of responders reported that they get their neighborhood news from the WNA Facebook page, 8% from the Spotlight Newsletter, 4% from Nextdoor, 3% from neighbors, and 1% other.

Of the 116 people who responded, 111 are members of the WNA Facebook page, four people are not, and one person was blocked from the Facebook page.   There was a wide range of responses when asked to provide your thoughts about the WNA Facebook page.  Overall, people are appreciative of the page and the way it connects neighbors, builds community, and provides updates.  Many people dislike that discussions often devolve into negative rants and believe people should be more tolerant and nicer.  Censorship and the inability to post pictures/videos of suspected criminals were also common topics, with support or opposition appearing in 14 answers.  Please join our February Community Meeting to discuss this survey “Hot Topic”.

Most people (76%) reported that the Spotlight Newsletter is delivered to their address, and that they read it (4% said they didn’t).  The survey identified a number of blocks that do not receive the Spotlight, mostly because we do not have enough volunteers to cover all of the routes in the neighborhood.  Please contact me if you would like to volunteer for a route.  The top four article types that have interested survey takers in the past are Community Events (84%), Public Interest (83%), Local Business and Zoning (71%), and WNA Monthly Meeting Recaps (65%).  These were identical to the types of articles that you would like to see in the future (84%, 68%, 64%, 61%, respectively).  We will keep these interests in mind when producing the Spotlight in the future and do our best to tailor articles to the topics.

Over half of responders have never been to the WNA webpage.  Additionally, 14% thought it needed improvement.  The WNA is currently working to update/upgrade the webpage to provide a more user friendly experience.

The most common answers about what other topics you would like to see covered in similar surveys were “In person gatherings/events,” and “City Projects”.  The next monthly survey, focusing on WNA Monthly Meetings is available now at   A separate survey will be released for WNA Events such as the Block Party and Movie Night.  We will discuss the possibility of using these surveys to gather feedback for city projects.

Lastly, the word which most of you thought of when you heard “Whittier” is overwhelmingly “Home”.  Other top answers were Community, Neighborhood, and Different.  Thank you again for participating in this and future surveys.  The WNA values your input.